Breastfeeding Preparation

Mental and physical preparation is enough to make the process of feeding is easy and fun.

In addition to nutritious foods and lead a healthy lifestyle, there are three important things to do to be successful breast-feeding mother, namely:

Grow intentions
Intention is the key to success for exclusive breastfeeding for the baby. This intention should have been firmly planted in advance, ie, since the child still in her womb. Mothers should be determined to provide the best food for her baby. With the intention round, I'll think optimistic. From there the form of positive energy that will affect the readiness of all the organs so that breast-feeding was flowing smoothly. If you're sure you can breastfeed, the milk would come out a lot.

Eliminate stress
Throw away all negative thoughts about breastfeeding and lactation. Believe me, every mother would be breastfeeding and the baby will never lack of breastfeeding. On the other hand, she also should not be too eager to give milk, because of this excessive behavior (euphoria) will disrupt the metabolic system so that the milk production of breast milk that came out just a bit. If there is a problem, she advised to consult the clinic lactation.

Do Breast Massage
Breast massage can increase the volume of milk, do it two times a day while bathing in the morning and afternoon. Here's a guide:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly, drain, then pour oil into the palm of the hand. Chock the left breast with his left hand. Make small circular movements with two-or three-finger right hand, from the base of the breast and ending in the nipple area with a spiral motion. Nipples do not need a massage because no berkelenjar. Then, create a circular motion while pressing the base of the breast and ending on the nipple in all parts of the breast. Do the same for the right breast.
  2. Place the palms of the hands between the two breasts. Sort of middle to atassambil raised both breast and remove both breasts slowly. Perform this exercise approximately 30 times.
  3. Prop left breast with both hands, thumbs on top and four other fingers below. Breast Squeeze gently sliding your hands forward toward the nipple. Do the same thing at the right breast.
  4. Then do the hand movements with parallel position. Prop breast with one hand, while the other hand massage the breast with the little finger side of the base of the breast towards the nipple. Perform this exercise approximately 30 times.
  5. Put one hand on the top and one below the breasts. Launch both hands simultaneously towards the nipple by turning the hand. Repeat this until all the breast affected by the order.
  6. Furthermore, the nipple is cleaned by using cotton and oil. Oil is useful for flex and moisturize your nipples to nipples when breastfeeding was not easy to blister. Clean with a clean cotton dipped in warm water.
  7. After the massage, do the compression. Provide two basins are each of warm water and cold water. By using a washcloth, compresses both breasts alternately with cold water, each for one minute. Next, compress alternately over three times in a row and finish with warm water compresses. Clean it with a towel to dry.
  8. After the massage, tap-tap of breast using fingertips or the tip segment finger. Point in order to work better blood circulation.

Breastfeeding Father

Not the father who breastfeed, but my father who is very supportive.

Actually the process of feeding not only between mothers and infants, but fathers also have a very important role and demanded his involvement. Unfortunately, in the minds of the public, whose name is feeding and nurturing infants is mother's affairs only. Though it is not so. The success of breast-feeding and child care is the result of collaboration between mother, baby and father.

So, in order to process current breastfeeding, breastfeeding is needed father, that father can help mothers to breastfeed comfortably so that the milk produced maximum. There are many practical things that can be a father in caring for breastfeeding their babies everyday. Such as helping the baby and give it to mom when she wants to nurse, then helping baby burp afterwards. Father help bathing, changing diapers, and massage, baby every day, and ask him to play. My father is also expected to help with household work.

Thus, the mother can rest happy enough because his heart and his mind was calm, which ultimately affects the production of milk, so much more. Know, milk production was 80-90% determined by how the mother's emotional state. This is where the great father's position as a breastfeeding father role. Now, in order to father more and understand how to provide support to mothers, are encouraged to actively learn about breastfeeding.

With the pattern of care which also involves the role of this father, will give you a very good fabric between mothers, fathers, and babies. Little else will grow up healthy, strong and intelligent.

Always Drive Safe

Did you know when the pregnancy was a woman still allowed to drive the course there are things that need attention, such as sitting position and the position of the steering wheel, among others:
1. Distance of 20-30 cm from the steering wheel (as driver)
2. The position of the hands remained in the normal range of steering wheel
3. For a car that has the Air Bag in the steering wheel, steering wheel hand position on the hours 9:00 and 15:00 hours
4. A short distance to the dash board / with a chair in front of it when sitting in the middle seat / back (as passengers)

For those of you who travel brings with it a baby, then keep in mind the basic guideline Child Seat, namely:
1. Always place in the backseat of Child Seat
2. Child Seat who choose according to their age & weight of your child, and who fit the car you use
- Baby Seat: for babies from birth up to 12 months, until 12 kg weight
- Infant Seat: for children ages 12 months - 4 years old, weighs 9 kg - 18 kg
- Booster Seat: for children aged 4 years - 6 years, weight 15 kg - 25 kg
- Booster Cushion: for children aged 6 years - 11 years old, weight 22 kg - 36 kg
3. Ensure Child Seat is properly bound in the center seat / rear
4. Make sure the safety belt is properly locked and tied child seat

Breast Anatomy

Breastfeeding is a fairly complex process. Therefore, first recognize breast anatomy as described below:

Is the dark area surrounding the nipple. Areola consists of small glands called Montgomery's glands, which produce oily liquids to maintain healthy skin around the areola.

Is producing milk bag number in the millions. The hormone prolactin affect the alveoli cells to produce breast milk.

Lactiferous ducts
Is a small channel that serves to channel milk from the alveoli into the lactiferous sinus.

Lactiferous sinus
Also referred to as the ampulla. ASI is a broad channel and form a sac around aerola, which serves to store breast milk.

Fat tissue
Fatty tissue around the alveoli and lactiferous ducts determine how big the size of the breast. Breast size big or small have the alveoli and sinus laktiferusyang same, so it can produce the same amount of milk. Around the alveoli also found that smooth muscle will contract and squeeze out the milk. The presence of the hormone oxytocin causes the muscle to contract.

Mother, Do not Believe Myths

Know, one of the obstacles to breast-feeding mother is belief in the myth. In fact, a myth whose name can not be verified. So do not believe the myth, yes, ma'am!

Here are some myths that are often revised the "haunt" the mother breast-feeding:

1. Breast milk should not be discarded the first day.
Breast milk out on the first day until day 7 (called colostrum / milk jolong) contain albumen (protein) levels are high, particularly anti-infective substance / immunity (immunoglobulins), while levels of lactose (carbohydrate) and low fat so easy to digest. Thus, if colostrum is clear yellowish color is removed, the baby is not or less get a substances that protect them from infection.
2. No need to add the liquid on the first day when the milk has not come out.
Many have difficulty breast-feeding mother in the first day and complained about his mother's milk can not get out. But not to worry because on the first day, the baby has not actually need a liquid so it does not need to be given other fluids before breastfeeding out.
3. Do not dispose of the first blast in the morning.
Some people think milk is spoiled. There is no stale milk for breast milk was still in the Mother. Fluid milk is like the blood that contains living microorganisms. Another thing is when you're on an open area of more than eight hours, this living being will die, and cause breast milk becomes stale and no longer deserve to be consumed. But during the milk still on her breast, whenever Mom would give, and sterilized milk always remains fresh

4. No need to discard the first milk after the blast to travel outside the home.
ASI is always clean and sterile, even if Mom had just finished cleaning the house or doing a walk in the mall. ASI continues to renew itself so that if breastfeeding is not terminum, will be absorbed by the body and will form a new breast milk given to Little.
5. The more often milk is given, the more milk produced.
Milk production increased along with the sucking motion. Conversely, if terminated, milk production was gradually reduced. That is why, give milk or Express on a regular basis.
6. Regarding color and clarity do not expect the same breast as good as the white and milk cans.
If breast milk is produced thin, cloudy, and yellow, does not mean bad quality. ASI color depending on what you eat also of the Mother. If Mom eats a lot of protein, then the color is a bit murky. Do not worry, it's okay.
7. ASI does not make babies obesity.
Infants who received breast milk properly, generally larger, especially in the first six months, but that does not mean he was overweight or obese. So keep giving exclusive breastfeeding until six months. Breastfeeding can be continued until children aged 2 years. Know breastfeeding until the age of two years to meet the third requirement of calories, one third of protein needs, 45% requirement of vitamin A and 90% requirement of vitamin C.
8. It does not matter if the baby is only feeding on one breast.
Mother may be offered to the baby nursing at the breast who have not smoked, with no force.
9. There is no time limit on breastfeeding.
Little let that determine how long she breastfed. Little need not worry because she would not breastfeed their needs are met only briefly. Little could be thirsty and not hungry. Did not know he was hungry or thirsty, just my own? If thirsty, he'll suck for a while, but if she is hungry, she will breastfeed until getting hindmilk more fat and carbs so that the filling.
10. ASI does not damage the baby's skin.
Babies have the skin disease or atopic dermatitis is often called dermatitis, which usually attacks the cheek area. But the cause is not breastfeeding or the result of skin contact with liquid milk, but there had been such skin disorders in infants. This skin disorder associated with an innate sensitivity of infants (= atopic). Usually occurs in children who have a history of nasal allergy keluargaeksim and is often marked by frequent sneezing (rhinitis). If not treated immediately, the skin will darken and harden.
11. Drops of breastmilk on infant penis does not cause the baby is impotent.
ASI will not cause any disease or constraints Little baby. In developed countries, during breastfeeding, it is recommended that infants can be naked so that her skin is directly in contact with the skin of my mother. Mother encouraged stroking the entire baby's body, especially the five senses to train the sensory sensitivity. Research shows that breast-feeding mother, stroking her baby's body, without her doing anything else, just focus on the baby, what? D antibody Little increase to 80%.
12. Insufficient breast milk intake of all food and beverage needs of the baby until the baby is six months old.
ata average fluid requirement of infants in the first week 80-100ml/kg per day, and increased to 140-160 m / kg at the age of 3-6 months. All were quite satisfied with just breast milk. Even for a super greedy though.
13. Babies do not have to breastfeed on one breast.
Generally, infants chose one breast. Only, to my mother in cosmetics is not good because the breast is often smoked will be bigger. To overcome this, who rarely smoked breast dipersa infants should be better so that they both worked or used.

Contraception For Nursing Mothers

Exclusive breastfeeding is one contraceptive method, if done correctly. The trick: if the baby is six months old yet, she is not menstruating again, and babies get only breast milk only. If conditions are not met, then consider other contraceptive usage, so that during lactation you feel safe to have sex.

Non-hormonal methods

1. Condom
Is a tool used by the male contraceptive, is effective in inhibiting pregnancy if used correctly.
2. Diaphragm
Often called a condom for women, has some size. Use unkuran that fits you.
3. Spermicides
Function to kill sperm, overcoming vaginal dryness that can cause pain during intercourse. In some people (male or female) may cause irritation.
4. IUD
Better known as a spiral. Safe, cheap and very effective, because it can be used up to five years. Levonogestrel copper and hormonal substances released by the IUD in the uterus does not interfere with milk production.
5. Sterilization of fallopian tubes
Drugs given during sterilization, can get into breast milk and inhaled by the baby. We recommend that, before the sterilization process carried out, dairy and store breast milk to be used until about 24 hours when the sterilization process carried out.

Hormonal methods
1. Mini-pill
Called as a method of synthetic progesterone hormone. This method would be effective if used Mother breastfeeding, because lactation process itself has been reduced fertility.
2. Combination pill
Using the hormones estrogen and progesterone. More effective than the mini pill. Breastfeeding mothers should use these pills in low doses. But there are doctors who do not advocate the use of these pills for fear of estrogen contained in the pills may reduce milk production.
3. Implant
Known as the KB implant, containing hormones levonogestrel. How to use ditusukan in the skin of her upper arm.
4. injection
Not interfere with breastfeeding because they contain progesterone.