Originally Initiation of early lactating

Early Initiation of Breastfeeding (IMD) to increase the success of six months exclusive breastfeeding and duration of breastfeeding up to two years.

IMD is part of the delivery process where the babies were born within one hour the first kelhidupannya (without being bathed) ditengkupkan directly above the mother's stomach and left to struggle to find the nipple of the mother to breastfeed. So, after the baby's umbilical cord is cut, it will be dried, then placed on the chest to suck her nipples (early contacts). Babies will crawl toward the breast and suckle their own (the breast crawl).

Generally, at the age of 50 minutes and without assistance, the baby managed to find a breast (with the instinct of smell) and sucking the nipple. After that, the process continues by allowing the IMD is still breast-feeding babies for at least half an hour. Just then the baby is separated from the mother to be weighed, the seal, and cleaned.

Basically, every mother who gave birth to normal babies with normal conditions (no preterm or low birth weight is not) can do the IMD. In fact, babies born at fault too IMD can be done, but it was his theory that 50% will be successful. The important thing my mother had to believe in themselves. My father also has to support enabling successful mother lived.

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