Normal childbirth video

Normal childbirth video

This video is for the children against their parents, to know the suffering of mothers giving birth.
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Cinderella is a beautiful sweet girl. However, he lost a very dicintainya namely his mother. When his father married and leaving it to go, the more his life suffering. He always treated as adjuvant by the mother and brother tirinya.
At that time, the Queen of the hop event to find a mate for the Prince. Cinderella wanted to go to the feast, but the mother and brother tirinya not menijinkannya. But with a little help, Cinderella can go to the feast with the requirement to return home before 12 hours because the night after 12 hours of the night the magic will be lost.
After 12 minutes the night, leaving the Cinderella castle. However, unexpectedly, he left boot kesayangannya. Prince already love him, to contest those who fit the size of his leg with a special boot, will be married to her.
When trying to boot Cinderella special, the match and also have a Cinderella pair shoes the other boots. Prince also apply directly Cinderella. After that, the Prince takes Cinderella to the palace. However, the story is not finished.
When the Prince takes Cinderella to the palace. . . . Tobe continue ....

smoking to dead

smoking to dead
Surabaya (ANTARA) - The consumption of cigarettes is believed as one of the indicators of poverty in Indonesia during this, the behavior is a result not only can reduce the income, monthly household spending, to culminate in death.

"I have never found the testimony of a driver earn Rp50 thousand per day with four children that both their children do not reason with the school fees. Strangely, a driver can spend Rp24 thousand per day to buy a three pack of cigarettes. Meanwhile, he gave money to his wife was shopping Rp20 thousand per day, "said the Demographic Research Institute Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia, Abdillah Ahsan, at Surabaya, Thursday.
He acknowledges, it is common phenomena that are often found among the poor in Indonesia.
"Even the head of household has a limited income, he mengonsumsi cigarette as the train," he said.
According to him, smoking affects the reduction of income that can be spent for the benefit of others as a healthy food and feasible, school fees, and so forth.
"Such a head of household mengonsumsi a pack of cigarettes at less than Rp5 thousand per day. In fact, the money burned through the cigarette can be dibelikan three eggs that contain a lot of nutrition for all children to eat," he said.
In addition, he said, scientifically proven that smoking cause many health problems and increase the number of health care costs can be three-fold from the cigarette tax.
"In fact, more than 70,000 research in the United States succeeded in proving the dangers of smoking to health," he said.
See a variety of fact, he hopes, the government taking a firm stance. One of the tax increase the price of cigarettes, prohibit advertising of cigarettes in total, and install warning about the dangers of smoking image.
"Now, the amount of cigarette tax average of 38 percent new. In fact, in Article 5 of Law Number 39 Year 2007, the government may determine tax to 57 percent. However, the magnitude was still lower than standard duty abroad who reach 65 percent," he said.
Another controversy, he explained, the proposed prohibition on advertising of cigarettes in total with the reason sports and music will die because there is no sponsor. When compared with the state of Thailand's total prohibit cigarette advertising, if the football is better than Indonesia Thailand because most people still smoke.
"Even without the advertising of cigarettes, Thailand football better than soccer national. So is the case with music, music in foreign countries still live without a cigarette ad," he said.
Chairman of the Field Extension Education and tackling issues of Smoking (LM3), Fuad Baradja, regrets, the "political will" to Indonesia's weak cigarette. "In fact, at this time there are around 164 countries in the world who have a legal umbrella for it," he said.
Concur with Ahsan, activists who have quit smoking since 1991 is suggested, so that the cigarette tax raised so that the price of cigarettes will rise terkerek. Through tax increases, the number of smokers, especially from the poorest households will be reduced.
"If this is successful, not the number of smokers who may come from the richest families also go down. As a result, this nation will be free from cigarettes that clearly boomerang and beloved people around them," he said.
Smoking habit, according to him, is considered fun by some people, but it gives a negative impact.
"Moreover, there are about 4,000 chemical substances in a cigarette is a source of disease or illness suffered memperparah someone," he said.



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