Cinderella is a beautiful sweet girl. However, he lost a very dicintainya namely his mother. When his father married and leaving it to go, the more his life suffering. He always treated as adjuvant by the mother and brother tirinya.
At that time, the Queen of the hop event to find a mate for the Prince. Cinderella wanted to go to the feast, but the mother and brother tirinya not menijinkannya. But with a little help, Cinderella can go to the feast with the requirement to return home before 12 hours because the night after 12 hours of the night the magic will be lost.
After 12 minutes the night, leaving the Cinderella castle. However, unexpectedly, he left boot kesayangannya. Prince already love him, to contest those who fit the size of his leg with a special boot, will be married to her.
When trying to boot Cinderella special, the match and also have a Cinderella pair shoes the other boots. Prince also apply directly Cinderella. After that, the Prince takes Cinderella to the palace. However, the story is not finished.
When the Prince takes Cinderella to the palace. . . . Tobe continue ....

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