Little Fever? Do not Panic!

What is a fever?
Fever is the body temperature increases from the normal temperature is 36 to 37.5 degrees Celsius. Fever is the body's defense mechanism against attack small bacteria and viruses. Actually, the body can fight the infection itself if the temperature rises. That's why parents need not panic if Little had a fever and behavior of your baby or toddler does not menunujukkan changes. He remains active play, want to drink and eat. So do not panic and you do not need to give him febrifuge. Just let the body works naturally.

When called a fever?
Baby fever is said if the body temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius. Under normal circumstances, body temperature was regulated by the central regulator of body temperature in parts of the brain (hypothalamus). If the ambient temperature rises or falls, the body will send signals to the central regulator of body temperature to adjust to these conditions.

Adjustment process that will "show" a specific mechanism. For example, the air around the cold, the blood vessels will constrict to reduce body heat expenditure. If this happens to your baby, usually he will start to shiver. Muscle contraction is a process to generate heat.
Conversely, if the hot air outside, widening blood vessels and sweat glands will be working to remove the moisture. That way, the body temperature will decrease again.

How do I measure a fever?
Manual methods that may still be used for the parents until now is to put the back of his hand on the forehead, hands, or feet. Though these measures are not accurate. The proper way is to use a thermometer. Measurements taken in the rectum / anus is a measurement of body temperature that have a high degree of accuracy, because in this area that most closely approximates actual body temperature. In addition to the anal area, the thermometer can also be placed in the armpits, mouth, forehead, or ears. Little Measure body temperature 3 hours or 1 hour to find out once and record the temperature changes.

Kok body temperature up and down?
Fever reliever drugs only lowered body temperature for a while and not to kill the germs that cause infection. This condition usually lasts up to seven days. So do not be surprised if Little temperature rose again and fell again. This is because the infection has not completely healed. Giving antibiotics to fight infections that a doctor can usually make the body temperature returned to normal within 48 hours.

How to reduce body temperature?
Compress is one of efforts to lower body temperature, Kompreslah the right way is to use warm water because warm water helps peripheral blood vessels in the skin thus widening opens the pores and facilitate the release of heat from the body. Misconceptions in the way of compresses is to use cold water, ice water, or ice cubes. These methods rather than lowering the body temperature but instead triggers an increase in body temperature, because cold water causes peripheral blood vessels shrink so that heat to the skin so the blood flowed unobstructed. Cloth compresses can be placed on the forehead, abdomen, neck, armpits, groin, or thigh folds.

In addition to using compresses, can also kangaroo method to lower body temperature Little. Little body attached to the mother's body, so that Little was in the arms or the arms of his mother.

Can children covered fever?
Avoid covering Little who had fever or a thick dressing like a jacket or tight clothing that can increase body temperature. We recommend using a thin and loose-fitting clothing, which can absorb sweat so that Little did not feel comfortable and swelter.

Dehydration due to fever
Fever force the body to remove more fluid. If Little less fluid intake can cause dehydration. Therefore a lot of foods that contain water, such as vegetables and fruits contains a great deal of water must still be given. If Little is still consumed milk, give milk as often as possible. If many of the incoming fluid will be plenty of fluids are also issued through the urine. This is one way to lower body temperature.

Little bathing permissible when the fever?
Bathroom very highly recommended for those who are experiencing a fever. But the water used should be water warm, not cold water. That way the body so fresh and comfortable. After bathing, dry the body with a towel and immediately changed clothes to avoid freezing.

Give drugs or go to the doctor when the fever?
If Little fever and still be able to perform usual activities, we need not directly give him medicine. Drugs can be administered when body temperature exceeded more than 38 degrees Celsius according to dose. But if Little looked lethargic, seizures, difficulty breathing, appear red or blue spots on the hands, vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat appear in infants aged under three months, or had prolonged fever that is three consecutive days, immediately take it to doctor.

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