Why the Human Body Make serumen (Dirt Ear)?
The presence of wax (ear wax) is actually healthy when in normal amounts, because the wax can protect, lubricate as well as anti-bacteria in the human ear canal. Wax itself can come out naturally. Actions issued wax with a cotton bud or other objects can actually make the wax more and more pushed into the ear hole.

Is the method / way that it's recommended to clean the ears?
In ideal conditions, not the ear canal should be cleaned. To clean the ear, wash the outer ear with a cloth, but do not insert anything into the ear canal. After that the patient should see a health professional to be done spooling irrigation or ear, to membersihklan earwax.

Does wax therapy (ear candles) may issue earwax?
NO, candle therapy is not a safe way because it can cause serious injury. The most common hazards are burns, blockage of the ear canal with the inner ear.

Why cotton swab should not be used to clean ears?
Obstruction by ear wax is a common cause of hearing impairment. This often occurs because of the effort to clean the ear with a cotton bud, which ultimately will only push ear wax further into the ear canal, causing a blockage.

What should be done to prevent the buildup of earwax?
There is no proven way to prevent obstruction by ear wax, but it is advisable NOT pry the ear canal with a cotton bud or other object. Meet your ENT doctor once every 6 months for routine inspection and cleaning your ears.