healthy with diet Soda

Although replacing sugary drinks with diet soda seems like a smart solution for keeping weight down a heart-healthy goal it turns out diet soda is likely a major bad guy when it comes to stroke.

Why it's bad

People who drink a diet soda a day may up their stroke risk by 48 percent. A Columbia University study presented at the American Stroke Association's 2011 International Stroke Conference followed 2,500 people ages 40 and older and found that daily diet soda drinkers had 60 percent more strokes, heart attacks, and coronary artery disease than those who didn't drink diet soda. Researchers don't know exactly how diet soda ups stroke risk -- and are following up with further studies -- but nutritionists are cautioning anyone concerned about stroke to cut out diet soda pop.

What to do

Substitute more water for soda in your daily diet. It's the healthiest thirst-quencher by far, researchers say. If you don't like water, try lemonade, iced tea, or juice.

Smoked and processed meats

Whether your weakness is pastrami, sausage, hot dogs, bacon, or a smoked turkey sandwich, the word from the experts is: Watch out.

Why it's bad

Smoked and processed meats are nasty contributors to stroke risk in two ways: The preserving processes leave them packed with sodium, but even worse are the preservatives used to keep processed meats from going bad. Sodium nitrate and nitrite have been shown by researchers to directly damage blood vessels, causing arteries to harden and narrow. And of course damaged, overly narrow blood vessels are exactly what you don't want if you fear stroke.

Many studies have linked processed meats to coronary artery disease (CAD); one meta-analysis in the journal Circulation calculated a 42-percent increase in coronary heart disease for those who eat one serving of processed meat a day. Stroke is not the only concern for salami fans; cancer journals have reported numerous studies in the past few years showing that consumption of cured and smoked meats is linked with increased risk of diabetes and higher incidences of numerous types of cancer, including leukemia.

What to do

If a smoked turkey or ham sandwich is your lunch of choice, try to vary your diet, switching to tuna, peanut butter, or other choices several days a week. Or cook turkey and chicken yourself and slice it thin for sandwiches.

Crackers, chips, and store-bought pastries and baked goods

Muffins, doughnuts, chips, crackers, and many other baked goods are high in trans fats, which are hydrogenated oils popular with commercial bakeries because they stay solid at room temperature, so the products don't require refrigeration. Also listed on labels as "partially hydrogenated" or hydrogenated oils, trans fats are found in all kinds of snack foods, frozen foods, and baked goods, including salad dressings, microwave popcorn, stuffing mixes, frozen tater tots and French fries, cake mixes, and whipped toppings. They're also what makes margarine stay in a solid cube. The worst offenders are fried fast foods such as onion rings, French fries, and fried chicken.

Why it's bad

For years scientists have known trans fats are dangerous artery-blockers, upping the concentrations of lipids and bad cholesterol in the blood and lowering good cholesterol. Now we can add stroke to the list of dangers. This year researchers at the University of North Carolina found that women who ate 7 grams of trans fat each day -- about the amount in two doughnuts or half a serving of French fries -- had 30 percent more strokes (the ischemic type, caused by blocked blood flow to the brain) than women who ate just 1 gram a day. Another recent study, also in women, found that trans fats promoted inflammation and higher levels of C-reactive protein, which have been linked to an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

What to do

Aim to limit trans fats to no more than 1 or 2 grams a day -- and preferably none. Avoid fast-food French fries and other fried menu items and study packaged food labels closely. Even better, bake your own cookies, cakes, and other snacks. When you can't, search out "health-food" alternative snacks, such as Terra brand potato chips and traditional whole grain crackers such as those made by Finn, Wasa, AkMak, Ryvita, and Lavasch.

Japan lifts tsunami warning

Japan issued a tsunami warning Thursday after a magnitude-6.7 earthquake struck in the northeast of the country, rattling the areas hardest hit by the March 11 quake and tsunami disasters.

But the meteorological agency lifted the warning about an hour after the latest jolt hit at 6:51 am (2151 GMT Wednesday) some 50 kilometres (31 miles) off the east coast of Miyako, Iwate prefecture, at a depth of 20 kilometres in the Pacific.

USGS also registered the quake at 6.7 in magnitude at a depth of 32 kilometres.

The Japanese agency had warned that a 50 centimetre (20-inch) tsunami could be expected in the region, but no warning was issued to Fukushima at the centre of the nation's nuclear crisis.

Public broadcaster NHK reported there were no immediate reports of damage from the quake while no sizable high waves were seen.
Local authorities issued evacuation orders to some 8,000 households in Iwate, NHK said.

Shinkansen bullet train services were temporarily suspended, while there was no new damage to the Onagawa nuclear power plant in Miyagi, south of Iwate, which has been out of operation since the March 11 disaster, NHK added.

The northeast coast of Japan's main Honshu island was ravaged by a 9.0 magnitude quake and monster tsunami on March 11 which left some 23,000 people dead or missing.

The disasters also crippled the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, triggering the world's worst atomic accident since Chernobyl in 1986 and forcing hundreds of thousands of residents to leave their homes.


Why the Human Body Make serumen (Dirt Ear)?
The presence of wax (ear wax) is actually healthy when in normal amounts, because the wax can protect, lubricate as well as anti-bacteria in the human ear canal. Wax itself can come out naturally. Actions issued wax with a cotton bud or other objects can actually make the wax more and more pushed into the ear hole.

Is the method / way that it's recommended to clean the ears?
In ideal conditions, not the ear canal should be cleaned. To clean the ear, wash the outer ear with a cloth, but do not insert anything into the ear canal. After that the patient should see a health professional to be done spooling irrigation or ear, to membersihklan earwax.

Does wax therapy (ear candles) may issue earwax?
NO, candle therapy is not a safe way because it can cause serious injury. The most common hazards are burns, blockage of the ear canal with the inner ear.

Why cotton swab should not be used to clean ears?
Obstruction by ear wax is a common cause of hearing impairment. This often occurs because of the effort to clean the ear with a cotton bud, which ultimately will only push ear wax further into the ear canal, causing a blockage.

What should be done to prevent the buildup of earwax?
There is no proven way to prevent obstruction by ear wax, but it is advisable NOT pry the ear canal with a cotton bud or other object. Meet your ENT doctor once every 6 months for routine inspection and cleaning your ears.

Here's the sign you're in love, as quoted from Sheknows.

Six Signs Love

There is someone who fills your mind and your days at this time. But was it you fall in love with him?

Here's the sign you're in love, as quoted from Sheknows.

1. Do not disturb your silence. When the center meets, silence or silent moments are common. but it is no longer seemed strange, mlainkan romantic. In the silence, you just feel more comfortable with it.

2. You let her win. You want to make her happy. Despite the competitive atmosphere, such as games, with sincere you let her win, after seeing her smile.

3. Shortcomings = funny. There is a shortage of the him. But it did not disturb you. Although he was careless, or rather the wrong thing. but you thought it was funny and just smiled because of it.

4. Want to introduce it in the family. You are totally mesmerized by it, and want to immediately make your family also was stunned at the sight.

5. Fantasize about it. You begin to imagine climbing the future with him, married, married, and raising children together.

6. No matter the phone when with him. You forget where your cell phone when with him. Because SMS, fuel, and phone darinyalah most you wait.

operating system for mobile phones

Microsoft continues to develop its operating system for mobile phones, Windows phones, and offers a number of new features.

There are at least six new things that you can enjoy mobile users with Microsoft's OS in the near future. Six renewal referred to is copy and paste. Feature commonly encountered in Microsoft Office is going to be used to perform the copy and paste documents on mobile phones. This feature is scheduled to be available next March.

Microsoft plans to release a CDMA version. It needs to adopt the CDMA platform operators such as Verizon and Sprint.

After integrating facebook in OS, Microsoft will do the same on Twitter. This integration allows users of Windows phones enjoy a variety of applications and features of Twitter on his mobile.

Windows phones will be integrated with the cloud Microsft via Windows Live. This integration enables Windows Mobile users enjoy the Sky service drives, large capacity document sharing sehingg more comfortable. Users also will have online folders with a large.

Microsoft will provide web-browsing and internet explorer 9 for mobile phones. This means that the Windows Phone will support HTML 5 is capable of displaying better graphics quality.

Finally, Windows Phone service will support multitasking.

Based on research, room or place to stay more single men than single women dirty.

Single men appear to be more frequent cleaning. Based on research, room or place to stay more single men than single women dirty.

The team of researchers from the University of Arizona examined the remote television, coffee tables, wooden tables and doorknobs. As a result, single man rooms contain 15 times more bacteria than rooms or residential single woman.

Seven of the 10 coffee table is examined contain coliform, which is a collection of bacteria derived from animal waste. This proves that the tables are rarely cleaned so that dirt stuck to small animals and breed.

Animal waste is an indicator that the surface also contain the flu virus or other microbes that can cause diarrhea. In room single men, exposure to viruses and microbes largest wooden table (62 percent), remote television (30 percent), and door handles (13 percent).

While in the room as the sample of single women who tend to study free of viruses and bacteria. Coliform content of most is on the handle of the door of the house. "The door in question is the entrance to the house," said Charles Gerba, professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, as quoted by MSNBC.

The study was conducted by examining the levels of cleanliness of 30 homes and 30 single women single men's residence. Most test subjects living close by or affiliated with the University of Arizona in Tucson. But there is also in Los Angeles, San Diego, El Paso and Phoenix.