Here's the sign you're in love, as quoted from Sheknows.

Six Signs Love

There is someone who fills your mind and your days at this time. But was it you fall in love with him?

Here's the sign you're in love, as quoted from Sheknows.

1. Do not disturb your silence. When the center meets, silence or silent moments are common. but it is no longer seemed strange, mlainkan romantic. In the silence, you just feel more comfortable with it.

2. You let her win. You want to make her happy. Despite the competitive atmosphere, such as games, with sincere you let her win, after seeing her smile.

3. Shortcomings = funny. There is a shortage of the him. But it did not disturb you. Although he was careless, or rather the wrong thing. but you thought it was funny and just smiled because of it.

4. Want to introduce it in the family. You are totally mesmerized by it, and want to immediately make your family also was stunned at the sight.

5. Fantasize about it. You begin to imagine climbing the future with him, married, married, and raising children together.

6. No matter the phone when with him. You forget where your cell phone when with him. Because SMS, fuel, and phone darinyalah most you wait.

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